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Amélie Dumarcher

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SpracheEnglisch, Französisch
OrtRimouski, Québec, Canada
Workshop-RadiusQuébec and New-Brunswick (Canada) – other locations in Eastern Canada and Northeastern US can be discussed


  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method Focus

  • Visualizations
  • Mixed Methods
  • Audio-Video Analysis

Other types of workshops can be discussed


Content and thematic analysis, mixed methods, literature reviews, analysis of formal and legal documentation


I can offer consulting activities for customized project planning, customized research design,  integration of methods for mixed methods and qualitative data analysis projects.

Both individual and group. For academics and students, research groups, government audiences, corporate research, civil society organizations, and other groups.


I have a background in applied geography (MA, Université d’Avignon - France), and I’m currently working on my PhD in Regional Science, with a Political Science orientation (Université du Québec à Rimouski - Canada). Since the first database I’ve built for my MA thesis, I’ve developed a strong interest in multidisciplinary and mixed method approaches, and in the potential of computer-assisted approaches and tools for research: I’m strongly convinced that they are a promising way for the social sciences and humanities (coming along with some challenges, though!).

I have a deep interest in tools and methods for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of qualitative data, especially in the innovative combination of computational tools to fit specific research projects. I like to work on conceiving customized and innovative research designs. I’d enjoy sharing with various public that could benefit from a workshop and from consulting activities.

I’ve been actively using MAXQDA for various research projects since 2016, such as content and thematic analysis, literature reviews and synthesis, data mining, bibliometrics, public policy and public consultation analysis, and I’ll soon be using it for interview and newspaper analysis [forthcoming publications].


[For projects using MAXQda – Forthcoming publications]

For the use of lexicometrics, see :

Fournis Yann et Dumarcher Amélie, 2017. Le territoire du CRDT. La construction d’un espace intellectuel, entre science et territoire, Éditions GRIDEQ-CRDT, 161 p.

For a project using a thematic literature review, see :

Dumarcher Amélie et Fournis Yann, 2018. « Canadian resource governance against territories: resource regimes and local conflicts in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence provinces », Policy Sciences, vol. 51, no 1, pp. 97‑115.

Webseite https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Amelie_Dumarcher
E-Mail contact.adumarcher@gmail.com

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